When Mother Earth proves too rigid for man-made products, sectional augers are your solution. For heavy-duty situations requiring a thicker outside diameter flight edge, consider sectional augers to extend wear life.

Sectional flighting is made in full pitch segments, allowing for individual assembly, welding and mounting.

Sectional augers are ideal for moving heavy materials or as replacement auger flighting for grain carts, combines and other machinery. These products should be seriously considered for use in jobs including industrial bulk handling of abrasive materials and any time extreme auger wear is likely to occur.

Benefits of Sectional Augers

Not convinced of the power of sectional augers? Don’t be fooled. Sectional augers:

  • Keep your inventory in peak operating condition
  • Cause minimal vibration and noise, allowing for urban projects and underground services
  • Can operate in restricted access areas
  • Are best for jobs at low headroom sites as well as underground
  • Control adverse effects of ground heave

When you need to dig deep, you need a strong, custom auger solution to get the job done efficiently. Sectional augers manufactured by Stillwell Equipment provide the precision and power to complete any drilling job effectively and efficiently.

Sectional Augers by Stillwell Equipment

The Stillwell Equipment Company’s complete manufacturing facilities enable us to custom fabricate to your specifications. We proudly use Kennametal and Pengo cutting teeth and holders. It’s true, you can find sectional augers made of cheaper, lighter material, but a serious piling contractor like you needs a quality, reliable product manufactured by Stillwell.

While custom fabricating is our specialty, we also stock many standard sizes that are available for immediate shipment and quick delivery anywhere in the United States. So you are always covered, no matter your needs. And your jobs are completed on time and on budget.

Our experts are committed to providing you with an industry-leading product that exceeds your expectations. Every customer is important to us—so we not only work to accommodate your specifications, we pride ourselves in supplying a quality product in a timely fashion to your utmost satisfaction.

The Stillwell Equipment Company is the only supplier you need to overcome the challenges of the auger cast pile industry.

Bottom Line: Our expertise allows you to get the right piling for fast turnaround, cost-effective solutions and a strong foundation. For more information about our auger specifications, or for sales and rental information, click here.

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