Many situations call for the use of continuous flight augers, including: pre drilling for pile driving, pre drilling for wick drains, low headroom applications, dewatering and, of course, auger cast piles.

Let’s focus on pre drilling for pile driving: A continuous flight auger drills through the hard layers of the upper strata, ensuring easier, more efficient and faster pile driving. This initial step also improves location accuracy for steel, concrete, wood or sheet piles.

For auger cast piles: a continuous flight auger should also be used if you find yourself working in soft soils or sands where traditional open hole drilled shaft simply collapses. Once the required drill depth is reached, this technique allows for your chosen material—grout or concrete—to be moved through the hollow stem as the auger is extracted from the ground. This creates a continuous, filled shaft. Additionally, rebar cages can be inserted once drill is extracted and the hole is filled for maximum hold.

These are just two of the situations where you need to be equipped with quality continuous flight augers, and Stillwell Equipment is the only place you need to look for your continuous flight auger needs.

Benefits of Continuous Flight Augers

While you need the right equipment to get the job done well, there are also several well documented benefits of including continuous flight augers in your arsenal. A continuous flight auger:

  • Allows for quiet, undisruptive work in urban settings
  • Controlled job site installation allows for work in restricted areas
  • Can be used in cohesive and non-cohesive soils
  • Can be used with or without water-bearing stratum
  • Can be used without bentonite fluid as wall support

Continuous Flight Augers by Stillwell Equipment

The Stillwell Equipment Company manufactures continuous flight augers in diameters of 8 inches to 48 inches on site. Our complete manufacturing facilities also enable us to custom fabricate to your specifications. Our continuous flight auger are manufactured with either Hexagon or API Male to Female threaded couplers.

Although custom fabricating is our specialty, we also stock many standard sizes that are available for immediate shipment and quick delivery anywhere in the United States.

Our experts are committed to providing you with an industry-leading product that exceeds your expectations. Every customer is important to us—so we not only work to accommodate your specifications, we pride ourselves in supplying a quality product in a timely fashion to your utmost satisfaction.

Bottom Line: Our expertise allows you to get the right piling for fast turnaround, cost-effective solutions and a strong foundation. For more information about our auger specifications, click here.


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