About Stillwell Equipment Co.

When Don Jr. was just seven years old, he vividly remembered his dad, Don Sr., and older twin brothers, Ron and Randy, building an auger in front of his grandmother’s garage. They used a .5”x1” bar stock, heating it with a torch and wrapping it around a pipe (no fancy rack in sight). It was on the ground in the dirt with a 48” pipe wrench to turn it. They worked day and night to stack that bar stock one on top of another and weld it up with an old gas Lincoln welder.

Next thing Don Jr. knew, the group was disassembling dad’s Diamond Reo truck and using the engine to build a hydraulic power pack. That summer, 1974, Stillwell Equipment Co. was born.

Don Jr. spent his days climbing on a bunch of equipment he knew nothing about. One day, his dad noticed he could touch the floor of the old 68 link belt, which happened to be on loan from a good friend of the family’s, Mike Liptac. When Don Sr. reached in and started the machine, the rest was history.

Don Sr. started United Foundations, Inc. in 1984 and Don Jr. went to work as a superintendent for them serving almost 25 years. He was always available as a Labor Driller & Operator or any other position necessary and was key in making United Foundations, Inc. a top competitor in the auger cast piling field.

Sadly, the family lost Ron in 2016, as well as Randy and Don Sr. in 2017, which left Don Jr. and his sister, Toni, to run Stillwell Equipment.

Stillwell Equipment’s Promise to You

Don Sr. left his children not only the knowledge they needed to run the business, but the strength and passion they needed to do so. “We have the same mindset he had when he started the company,” Don Jr. says. “Work hard, always give the customer a quality product and always on time—because Pops always said, ‘Time is money.’”

We are a family company you know you can count on.

Stillwell Equipment continues to be Akron and Cleveland’s first choice for heavy construction equipment manufacturing and rentals. Our service selection includes:

  • Hydraulic jacks up to 500 tons
  • Custom-built hydraulic power packs
  • Custom-built auger drives
  • Manufacture of our own 24″ box leads which are some of the lightest yet strongest in the field
  • Augers from 8″ to 48″
  • Specialty fabrications
  • Plasma cutting services
  • Auger cleaners
  • Grout pump hoses and supplies

If you can dream it, we can build it!

To contact Stillwell Equipment, call (330) 650-1029 or click here.