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We manufacture augers up to 48 inches in diameter, as well as heavy duty construction, fast delivery, and quality products.

You can find a cheaper and lighter auger, but for the serious piling contractor looking for a long and reliable life out of their auger, Stillwell auger is the best!

The Stillwell Equipment Company manufactures continuous flight augers in diameters of 8 inches to 48 inches. Our complete manufacturing facilities enable us to custom fabricate to your specifications. Although custom fabricating is our specialty, we do stock many standard sizes that are available for immediate shipment and quick delivery.

  • Our continuous flight augers come with Hexagon or API Male to Female threaded couplers.
  • All auger is built to standard pitch of 2/3 the outside diameter, up to 24” pitch for the diameters of 36” or less.
  • Standard flight thickness is ½”on auger with standard pipe of 4.5” x .674 wall thickness.
  • Augers 8” and above are ½” undersize of diameter so as not to cause skin friction.
  • Cutter teeth measure full diameter to maintain proper drilling hole size.
  • Single Cutter Heads (teeth on the cutter bar as well as around the flight to keep from wearing on one side) are manufactured with ¾” to 1” flight thickness.
  • Double Cutter Heads (teeth on both sides with half flight) ¾” to 1” flight thickness.
  • Tapered Corkscrew Cutter Heads for the toughest drilling situations.
  • HD auger built on 3” ID x 5”OD pipe, 5/8 – 3/4″ flighting with a 3”API or 3” Hex connection.
  • Extra HD auger built on 4” ID x 6”OD pipe, 3/4” to 1” flighting with a 4”API or 4” Hex connection. Augers can also be built on up to 16” pipe with flange connections.
  • We also have our own locking system with HD 1 ¼” to 1 ½” Locking “Ts”.
  • Augers can be built as short as 2’ for low-overhead applications or as long as 40’.

We proudly use Kennametal and Pengo cutting teeth and holders.

Whatever your needs, we will work to accommodate your specifications. Special orders may require additional delivery times depending on the size of the order and current orders pending. All of our customers are important to us and we pride ourselves in providing a quality product in a timely fashion to your utmost satisfaction.

If it is important to you, it is important to us. Our father instilled in us that time is money, so we will do everything in our power to keep our customers’ down time to a minimum.

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